Gabe Kapler performing the deadlift

Dead Lifts

I told you a while back that the king of all weight training exercises is unequivocally the squat. I won't pedal backwards on that declaration.That said, if you aim to build power, speed, strength and athleticism, you’ll want to incorporate dead lifts. As an ancillary benefit, if you go hard enough, your … [Read More...]

Fast Twitch supplement

Risk of Supplements

You may have read our posts about dietary supplements and already be familiar with our strong support of real, whole foods over pills. In previous writings, I advised moderation for folks who mine for shortcuts in … [Read More...]

Gabe Kapler's morning coffee

Expanding Flavor Boundaries

I've always thought coffee shouldn't taste like fruit. I've generally preferred chocolate, toffee and vanilla notes. Today, I experienced a brew that conjured up strawberry pie. The flavor was extraordinary, and my … [Read More...]


Underappreciated Hip Hop

I've said it before, this is a lifestyle blog. Art is well within our theoretical boundaries. Practically, we have no walls anyhow. Let’s talk music.Any true fan of hip-hop digs the activity of ranking their top … [Read More...]

Gabe Kapler's chicken coop

Relationship Building

I feel like I used The Secret. I stated on this very blog a few days back, “I will have a chicken coop. Book it.” I now have a chicken coop. I suppose I should be setting my sights a bit higher, but I’m a simple … [Read More...]