Rejecting Labels

The need to conform saps our creativity. Labels limit us. Who said a cocktail has to be in a glass?The other day, Stephanie, our resident cocktail expert, reached out to me with a note and a link. "Only in LA...," she said. At first, I thought I'd be making fun of some fu-fu, pretentious Los Angeles fad, … [Read More...]


Harnessing Stress

Stress may kill, but stressful situations can bring out the absolute best in us. If we can identify our heightened sense of focus in emotionally elevated situations while staying below our personal redlines, we can … [Read More...]


Optimizing Naps

We’ve been discussing naps frequently around here. I’m fascinated by the idea of improving cognitive function, boosting hormone production and generally becoming more effective in life by simply taking a break and … [Read More...]


Open Thread: Week 24

After yesterday's interlude, we return to our weekly open thread.Chris: Maybe you're not aware of it as you breathe in the warm fresh ocean air of Malibu or bask in sun of the Dominican, but here in New England … [Read More...]

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An Interlude

This post has no evidence. It’s not about fitness or health or well being or communication. It’s about my fantasy.I long to get lost in the world.I want to follow train tracks on foot into the mountains with … [Read More...]


Handling Anger

If you’re pissed off at the actions of another, pause before you take action. A deep breath and a few hours will allow you to manage nearly every situation more appropriately.Some people believe that in order to … [Read More...]