Long Journeys – Weight Loss

We don’t have to stand in another’s shoes to provide insight. Being equipped to relate through personal experience isn’t a prerequisite to offer counsel or guidance. Rather, assisting in another's human development is about interest and care.A few days back, I received this message from a Dallas-based … [Read More...]


Black Rice

If brown rice is better than white rice, clearly purple (or black) rice is even healthier, right?A few days back, I paid my third … [Read More...]



We often wax on the acquisition of power and explosiveness related to training and athleticism around here. Sometimes, there is an … [Read More...]


Open Thread: Week 25

Welcome to the 25th edition of our weekly open thread. Let's get started.Zach opens:Do you have alternative exercises that fit into the 5x5 if you don't have access to a squat rack or bench? For various … [Read More...]


Rejecting Labels

The need to conform saps our creativity. Labels limit us. Who said a cocktail has to be in a glass?The other day, Stephanie, our resident cocktail expert, reached out to me with a note and a link. "Only in … [Read More...]

Phoenix Arizona

Mental Benefits of Sprinting

We've talked enough about the fat burning, muscle building capabilities of sprinting around here. We haven't talked about how much mental confidence we can derive from operating at our fastest and most … [Read More...]


Protein Powder Alternatives

You know we have a no judgment policy around here. I fully comprehend that protein powders are an attractive option, particularly for busy professionals. Despite the fact that it's not my bag (see?), I'm not here to … [Read More...]


Harnessing Stress

Stress may kill, but stressful situations can bring out the absolute best in us. If we can identify our heightened sense of focus in emotionally elevated situations while staying below our personal redlines, we can … [Read More...]