Red Cabbage

Red Cabbage

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials for the pills and gels promising to reduce the symptoms of “low T.” “It’s just a number,” they say, then promise increased muscle and bone mass, elevated mood, more energy and a whole host of other benefits. Sounds appealing.Perhaps you can skip the pills. I have an … [Read More...]

Bowl of fruit

Giving the Gift of Health

I'm not big on receiving presents. There is one type that I do like, however. My favorite gift to give and receive is food.Warning: brutal honesty coming.Receiving gifts can sometimes be a struggle. First, … [Read More...]

Malibu sunset

Open Thread: Week 6

Let's dive right in.Kelebek:So recently, you invited the KapLifeFam to your place for breakfast (I love a good omelet), but what does dinner look like in your house on days when you don’t get home late from … [Read More...]