Vodka infusions

Cocktail Class 4: Holiday Entertaining

The other day, I received a box in the mail. It was from Kaplifestyle’s superstar editor, Stephanie. I’m generally opposed to gifts on holidays. I prefer the art of giving whenever the mood strikes, but that’s a philosophical post for another day. Steph’s was a present of my favorite variety, homemade. In the … [Read More...]

Rain in Malibu

Enjoy the Rain

It rarely rains in Southern California, but when it does, it may bring with it health benefits.I’m generally inclined to enjoy all … [Read More...]

Malibu beach

Pre-Workout Meal

A snack prior to a lift can provide some energy if fasting before training doesn’t provide you with the boost your system needs.As you know, if you've been browsing the last week of posts, I’ve been conducting … [Read More...]

Epsom salt

Epsom Salts

Epsom salt baths will make you smell good. They may have a placebo effect in soothing and calming sore muscles, but the science behind the practice is questionable.Every day, I walk by the bag of Epsom salt in … [Read More...]

Gabe Kapler with his boys

Early Morning Lifting

My sons and I have been optimizing to do three things.Spend more time together. Consistently get our weight training sessions in. Get better sleep.We have created a process to dominate all three in an … [Read More...]