Buying a Cow

I need a cow, pronto.Who hasn’t uttered those words? My growing young men, 100 pound pit-bull and I are carnivores. Between the three of us, and the dog, we consume an immense amount of animal flesh. The amount of time I’m spending in the car and store obtaining the meat has reached an all-time high. … [Read More...]

Rice and beans

Fad Diets

I’m about to bust the balls of my top 5 most ridiculous fad diets in history.I know a little something about this. I had my own … [Read More...]

Apple pie

Controlling Temptations

Unless you’re an extreme outlier without a trace of an addictive personality, do not play the “just one bite” game. It doesn’t work.You know how this works. Your fantasy football draft is this weekend. You want … [Read More...]

Manure piles at Gabe Kapler's house


I love fresh veggies, flowers and trees. I love them even more when they’re grown in my own yard. Manure is phenomenal organic planting material, but it attracts flies. I hate flies; my home currently houses them. … [Read More...]

Grilled Japanese sweet potatoes

Grilled Sweet Potatoes

I grub on Japanese sweet potatoes almost daily. I’ve made a bunch of new friends since January 8th, so I won’t assume you know why this is my carb of choice. Go ahead, catch up with this post and then rejoin the OGs … [Read More...]