Jacob Faria with his grandfather

Lessons from Family – Jacob Faria [Guest Post]

Jacob Faria and I have more than baseball in common. We both recently lost our grandfathers and hold them in high esteem. Our commonality allowed me to fully comprehend the aim of his guest post. Because, as human beings, our personal lives are so intertwined with our professional ones, it’s impossible to … [Read More...]


It’s All Static

If you read yesterday’s post, you know that I’ve been stretching in an attempt to open my hips and improve the functionality of my squats. You also have heard me riff in the past and mock the practice of static … [Read More...]

Gabe Kapler squatting

Hip Mobility

I love squats. I truly believe that they are the most important weight training move we can perform. If there was only one lift you could do, I wouldn’t hesitate to make it the squat. Far beyond simply improving … [Read More...]


Football is Life

Yesterday, I watched my 15 year old son play a passing league game with his high school teammates in preparation for their upcoming fall football campaign.As a father, it was hard not to beam with pride as I … [Read More...]


The Sweetest Thing

If you have a peach tree in your yard like I do, you can pick the fruit before they're fully ripe and allow them to continue to mature to peak sweetness inside.Some will tell you that you have to pick the … [Read More...]