John Baker

Practice, Train, Compete – John Baker [Guest Post]

I learned a ton about playing catch from Pudge Rodriguez. He riffed on how important it was to throw the ball to your partner with authority. He said, "When I play catch, I'm trying to knock the other guy down. That trains my arm to know what to do when I try to throw a baserunner out instead of training it … [Read More...]


Picking Favorites

Ali Farka Touré (October 31, 1939 – March 7, 2006) is my favorite (musical) artist. I can say that with complete certainty.If you’re reading this blog, you’re likely two things. One, a music lover and two, a … [Read More...]


Baseball Players and Bench Pressing

The bench press is not dangerous for baseball players. It’s not dangerous for pitchers, either. If your goal is to add strength, power and athletic function, the move is highly valuable and should not be pushed to … [Read More...]

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Routine Maintenance

Some people find routines to be boring. In truth, they can be valuable organizational tools that keep us in a positively charged daily flow. We concentrate on fitness and well-being around here, both physically and … [Read More...]



Yesterday, I met a recovering meth addict. He shared a tale of staying in Humboldt County, living in a tent and soaking up the healthy energy of the town. I'm fascinated by his experience. He's trying to get his … [Read More...]