Posture: Reducing the Effects of Aging

Changes in posture and gait may simply be part of aging, but they’re not completely out of our control.My grandfather is 100 years old. He’s shorter now than when he was 75, and he stood taller at 50. I’ve always been curious about why and how this occurs. I imagine I’m not alone. From … [Read More...]

Kansas City streets

Uphill Biking

Here at Kaplifestyle, we’ve touched on walking quite a bit. Y’all know sprints are part of my weekly routine. I ride bikes less … [Read More...]


Fighting Colds? Reach for Berries

I’m crowning the berry the king of the cold-fighting fruit.Y’all know my diet consists of mainly animal flesh, eggs, veggies and fruit. Sure, I’ll throw in a few slices of sprouted wheat toast with almond butter … [Read More...]

Gabe Kapler

Gain Without Pain

You don’t have to limp around after exercising to be assured you had a fruitful workout. Pain does not necessarily equal gain.As a teenager, I assessed my workouts based on my subsequent level of soreness. I … [Read More...]