Broccoli with dirt

Skin Deep

The post below was a collaborative effort between Stephanie, our superstar editor, and me. We discussed and debated on the phone, then … [Read More...]


Problem Solving

I want to work with people who flag problems and then offer up solutions. Whistle blowers, tattletale, and rumormongers are a dime a dozen. If you took one-tenth the energy you put into complaining and applied it … [Read More...]


Meat or Dessert

Motivation comes in all forms. There’s no cookie cutter formula, and there’s no one right answer. Some folks sponge intrinsic desire to drive them forward, others look to outside forces for their inspiration. In the … [Read More...]


Continuing Education

Educating others is exhausting, but also fulfilling and one of the most worthwhile endeavors we can pursue.It is well-documented at this point that we care deeply about mining for value at the margins around … [Read More...]


Au Naturel

If you want to be your strongest, get some sun on your boys. And by boys, I mean your testicles.Baseball players are continually trying to mine every (legal) advantage they can. Any pro athlete is working to … [Read More...]