Gabe Kapler's dinner with corn


Corn is not inherently evil. When the health and well being community tells you it is, use common sense and don’t believe the hype.Recently, the world has vilified corn to an unreasonable degree. It’s been unfairly classified as what is making our nation fat and out of shape. In fact, there's been an … [Read More...]


Genetically Modified Organisms

"There is nothing inherently wrong with GMOs.”My 15 year old son, Chase, made that statement. He's a critical thinker and generally doesn't make declarations without his opinion being well thought out and often … [Read More...]

Gabe Kapler's coffee beans

Moderating Caffeine

Assuming your mission is supreme health and well-being, you'll want to monitor your caffeine intake. While some caffeine can have notable health benefits, consuming copious amounts may disrupt your ability to … [Read More...]


Super Tasters

If you despise veggies or experience them as bitter, you could be like millions of your fellow humans. It’s also feasible that you’re “gifted.”Early the other morning, while sprinting through the quiet (sans … [Read More...]

Phoenix, AZ

Cold Showers

If you’re trying to kick the energy drink habit, punt on the Red Bull and take a cold shower instead.This afternoon, I found myself at the ballpark, short on time and not in the mood to be patient. I was in no … [Read More...]