Pen and paper

Improving Communication

If you have an idea that you think will assist a loved one, don’t hold back; just hit ’em with it.Learning to accept constructive criticism with grace is a skill. Likewise, learning to deliver these suggestions needs to be learned and practiced. Many folks keep quiet out of fear of giving offense, even … [Read More...]

Sun rise

Slow Down

Rushing to do anything won’t contribute to your goals of peak well being. In fact, it may contribute to an unhealthy state. From … [Read More...]

Southern California

Perpetual Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving’s main function is to make us more aware. Sure, turkey, stuffing and pecan pie rule the day, but slowing down to be present, even if only for 24 hours, is equally as palatable and has a longer lasting … [Read More...]


Cooking Trial and Error

Don’t let fear of mistakes stop you from cooking dinner. You needn’t be perfect in the kitchen; you simply need to be brave. I made oxtail tonight. I did it all wrong, and it was phenomenal. Author Jeff Potter’s … [Read More...]



Having a roommate is certainly not for me. It may not be for you either, but living with others has its benefits likely rooted in human behavior. From Human beings are pack animals and are not … [Read More...]