Effective Listening

In order to be a strong communicator, sometimes you have to shut up and listen.I’ve always enjoyed the process of problem solving. My first inclination is always to come up with a solution. In recent years, however, I’ve discovered that playing a hushed role is far more effective to another working … [Read More...]


Reaching Out

When someone in your life is facing a difficult situation, don’t wait for the “right moment” before reaching out with support. From Dr. … [Read More...]

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Importance of Fat

Opting for a low-fat diet while on a training program might sound like the right thing to do to get lean, but the opposite may be true, particularly when it comes to hormone production. From … [Read More...]


Whole Coconuts

Coconuts are a strong contributor to optimal health and well-being. Don’t take my word for it; ask August Engelhardt, a German author devoted to Cocovorism (I have no idea, but it has to do with coconuts) and Sun … [Read More...]


Eating Without Training Wheels

I’ve riffed on supplements before. This is not the first time you’re hearing my views. Given how much money our nation is spending on pills, powders and oils, it’s worth continuing the discussion.Supplements are … [Read More...]

Gabe Kapler doing a pull up

Open Thread: Week 20

Let’s jump in.Stephen: Wanted your take on pushups/pullups and training tips to maximize them. Training to go into Naval Special Warfare (SEALs) where a tremendous amount of calisthenics are necessary. Thoughts … [Read More...]


Praising Others

Give others credit whenever possible. There is plenty of light to go around.You may recall this post on the downsides of publicly seeking praise. By actively spotlighting another, you both benefit. From … [Read More...]