Gabe Kapler's chickens

Ranging Free

We all need space. I'm including my chickens in this statement.You may remember that I became a chicken farmer a few weeks ago. I started off with a coop and 5 birds. There’s no question that eggs (and meat) from free range chickens has a different, healthier nutritional profile. According to … [Read More...]


Reality Break

The barber shop shave is an experience that all men should have at least semi-regularly.You know I encourage indulgences around here. Not all of those indulgences have to be food related, however. You may … [Read More...]


Karmic Reflections

I believe in karma.I believe in it conceptually, anyway. Words are tricky, particularly in the English language where each one has multiple definitions. In a dictionary, you might find this on karma.  (in … [Read More...]

Gabe Kapler at bat

Open Thread: Week 37

Welcome back to our open thread, our forum to throw ideas around. Ask questions, leave comments, let's discuss whatever and learn something.Steve writes: What was your favorite workout or exercise that you … [Read More...]


Eyes Wide Shut

You want to really enjoy a meal? In a way that demolishes your previous positive culinary experiences, rendering them ordinary? Close your eyes while you eat.Years back while playing for the Red Sox in Spring … [Read More...]