Southern California

Perpetual Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving’s main function is to make us more aware. Sure, turkey, stuffing and pecan pie rule the day, but slowing down to be present, even if only for 24 hours, is equally as palatable and has a longer lasting effect. I sometimes wonder if extending our presence and gratitude beyond that single day is the … [Read More...]



Having a roommate is certainly not for me. It may not be for you either, but living with others has its benefits likely rooted in human … [Read More...]

Gabe Kapler's breakfast

Open Thread: Week 11

Thanks for stopping by for our weekly open thread. In case you’ve been in the woods somewhere (your only excuse for not reading daily), I answer questions on Saturdays here. No subject matter is off limits; we … [Read More...]

Pecan pie

Holiday Indulgences Without the Fat

A message to those of you trying to become leaner: beware, the holidays are coming. This time of year, most people overindulge, add fat and plan to lose the weight later. It doesn't usually happen that way, however. … [Read More...]


Grain Free Update

You may remember that on November 4th, I committed to going grain free for 30 days. Many of you have inquired about how it’s gong, so I figured I’d provide a quick update today.It’s going...well...normal. I feel … [Read More...]