In the Zone

Prioritizing effectively is a skill like any other and therefore requires deliberate practice.When we engage in weight training, we deliberately overload our muscles and ask them handle progressively heavier loads. We instantly comprehend that if we were to only train one body part while ignoring the … [Read More...]


Chalk Talk

Chalk talk applies to life, not just sports.We are coming to understand that the mental side of sports is just as (if not more) … [Read More...]

Broccoli with dirt

Skin Deep

The post below was a collaborative effort between Stephanie, our superstar editor, and me. We discussed and debated on the phone, then quickly hammered out a draft. What you're about to read is an accurate … [Read More...]


No Lo Entiendo

Ask most folks if they speak Spanish (or any other foreign language), and you might hear them say, "I understand more than I speak."I've always called bullshit. Before now, that usually expressed to me one of … [Read More...]


Problem Solving

I want to work with people who flag problems and then offer up solutions. Whistle blowers, tattletale, and rumormongers are a dime a dozen. If you took one-tenth the energy you put into complaining and applied it … [Read More...]