Failing to Succeed

Striving to avoid slipups isn't noble.Striving to take bold action, knowing that you'll inevitably fail and look foolish, is a strong strategy.Recently, an inspiring colleague of mine shared this with me. Life is a maze and we are mice. We have decisions to make at every fork in the … [Read More...]


In the Zone

Prioritizing effectively is a skill like any other and therefore requires deliberate practice.When we engage in weight training, we … [Read More...]


Chalk Talk

Chalk talk applies to life, not just sports.We are coming to understand that the mental side of sports is just as (if not more) … [Read More...]

New Zealand All Blacks

Building a Winning Culture

Building better teammates and creating a winning culture are intertwined. In order to build a long-term, winning culture, it takes months and years of continuous, dedicated, deliberate effort. It's a never-ending … [Read More...]

Broccoli with dirt

Skin Deep

The post below was a collaborative effort between Stephanie, our superstar editor, and me. We discussed and debated on the phone, then quickly hammered out a draft. What you're about to read is an accurate … [Read More...]


No Lo Entiendo

Ask most folks if they speak Spanish (or any other foreign language), and you might hear them say, "I understand more than I speak."I've always called bullshit. Before now, that usually expressed to me one of … [Read More...]