Gabe Kapler's breakfast pasta

The Art of Compromise: Breakfast Pasta

I fully recognize that I maintain somewhat restrictive dietary habits. I also have two teenage sons (almost; my younger son turns 13 in November). I encourage their love of food by preparing things they’ll thoroughly dig eating. Eating rules.One of the many advantages of this arrangement is gleefully … [Read More...]

Malibu oceanside

Ocean Living

Since I moved to Malibu in 2011, I feel healthier and more energetic. Living near the ocean must be good for you.If somebody … [Read More...]

Gabe Kapler undergoing hydrostatic body fat testing

Body Fat – Hydrostatic Testing

Accurately determining your body fat percentage isn’t an easy task.We spoke a while back about abs. You want them. Everybody wants them. They look cool. We established some absolutes. Most healthy folks have … [Read More...]

Ocean waves


Humans are fundamentally social animals. The ability to communicate is one of our most important skills. Our ability to express ourselves defines and shapes us. It leads to feeling understood which is essential for … [Read More...]