Don't die young; munch on carrots.We’ve touched on some exotic vegetables here at Kaplifestyle, things like water chestnuts and jicama. Those are the role players. That’s not an insult; every great team needs role players, and these guys may make an All Star team here and there. But they’re not the … [Read More...]

Bottle of kombucha


There are plenty folks out there who believe that kombucha has some healthy upside. I’m less enthusiastic, but the downside is limited … [Read More...]

Malibu hiking


Hiking merges two requirements of human existence, connecting with nature and exercise. Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, … [Read More...]


Cocktail Class

If James Bond stops by, I’ll be ready. I now know how to fix his drink.Y’all have been spending plenty of time with me. We regularly share good food, music, laughter and, once in a while, a stiff drink. I’m … [Read More...]