Favorite Apples

Pink Lady apple

I wake up some days haunted by a FOX News-like ticker slowly scrolling. Today, it was a question playing on a loop. I had to know the answer and couldn’t wait a moment longer. It was driving me nuts. Among sports media personalities, which type of apple is most popular? You’re dying to know, too? Phew. Thought I was all alone. I shouldn’t be held in suspense any longer and neither should y’all.

Here we are, folks.

A response rolled in from New York Times best selling author and current MLB analyst Dirk Hayhurst:

“The kind that lets me send email and download games.”

He followed up:

“Seriously, Honeycrisp. Versatile apple that pairs well. Gala cooks better. Golden delicious if eating right off a tree”

Michael Silverman covers the Red Sox for the Boston Herald:

“Ok I’m going to take this seriously…Gala (ripe): perfect blend of tart and sweet, plus scores high on bite/crunch”

Speaking of Red Sox, here is ‘04 World Series Champion, Kevin Millar:

“Green apples I love because I am a tart kind of guy and love to dip them in caramel also.”

Industry veteran Chris Myers predictably went old school on us with his selection:

“I like the question…Red Delicious (or iPad Mini). Good for salad, great color and texture…tastes like the name and you hear a crunch when you bite into it!”

Chris added this (of course he did, he’s an OG):

“Also, caramel apples.”

My supremely talented teammate at Fox Sports 1, Charissa Thompson, compared based on color:

“Green- crisp… Sweet and the skin doesn’t compete with the flavor of the apple. (Red does)!”

C Trent Rosecrans covers the Cincinnati Reds:

“Honeycrisp — it used to be Fuji, but that was before I discovered the deliciousness that is Honeycrisp. I also think the limited time availability helps it. I’m a collector at heart.”

The co-host of Intentional Talk on MLB Network and an exceptional baseball mind, Chris Rose knows his fruit:

“Fuji…usually have it after a workout with some almond butter.  Sweet, crunchy.  Need to keep it in the fridge for that extra ‘pop’.”

Ramona Shelbourne, who covers all sports in LA and has been doing so spectacularly well for a long time now, takes a cultural approach:

“Granny Smith dipped in honey. Rosh Hashanah tradition, but I like them like that all the time.”

Jason Parks, scout of baseball talent for Baseball Prospectus and more, also knows the 5 tools of apple picking:

“Granny Smith, all the way. They are almost tart.”

Is that like almost ready for the big leagues, professor?

Another one of my extraordinary teammates at Fox Sports Live, Andy Roddick, comprehends the true value of an apple:

“Red, because it got me better grades when given to a teacher.”

Finally, Ken Rosenthal held his cards close to his bowtie.

“I’m not an apple guy, LOL.”

Fortunately a source close to Ken tells me the truth. Ken prefers Pippin apples.

Alright, alright, you dragged it out of me. I’m currently on a Pink Lady binge. They are heavy in the hand, crisper than most, tart and dense with a strong, juicy finish.

Your favorites in the comments below, please?


  • https://www.facebook.com/BenRyan5 Ben Ryan

    Love Green Apples. Will pair them with some all natural peanut butter to for a little sweet & sour. Gonna have to

    • Gabe Kapler

      Thanks, Ben.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jerry.tetro Jerry Tetro

    Granny Smith sliced, with cinnamon sprinkled on top takes care of my sugar craving.in the evenings.

    • Gabe Kapler

      Much respect for this, Jerry.

  • Ed H

    I prefer the Grannies… I bet a certain aspect of personal choice is influenced by what you grew up with. I’m from New England and had mostly Macintoshes growing up. I’ve never liked any Delicious variants and to me Pink Ladies, Fujis and Galas all taste and are textured like Deliciouses.. By “never liked” I mean relative to each other because all apples are gooood :)

    • Gabe Kapler

      Thanks for always chiming in, Ed.

  • dbreer23

    Honeycrisp apples are our faves in general, but also tend to be the most expensive (and as mentioned, seasonal). Our year-round go-to’s are Pink Ladies, or alternately Fujis.

    – Dan

    • Gabe Kapler


  • http://twitter.com/gorskic Chris Gorski (@gorskic)

    Cortland. They’re in season right now. Sweet, sour, and crisp. (Keep ’em in the fridge for the best flavor.)

    • Gabe Kapler

      There you go, Chris.

  • shannon

    Pink Lady too, but Fuji a close second.

    • Gabe Kapler

      You got it, Shannon.

  • Brian

    Here’s a really handy, comprehensive guide on the types of apples and all sorts of information to go with them, including ripening dates. Even includes a checklist for those that are suitable for baking, juicing, turning into butter/pie/sauce.


    I’ve always preferred the Gala apple, and I was happy to see it fare quite well with regards to its versatility!

    • Gabe Kapler

      Apple connoisseur, Brian? Thanks for the link.

  • Kevin

    While Honeycrisp are great when they’re in season, my year-round go to is Braeburn. Always available at all the grocery stores in MA, and always crisp and sweet (as long as you don’t let them sit in your fridge for too long).

    • Gabe Kapler

      I can honestly say I’ve never left an apple in the fridge for too long. They get devoured in days.

  • Mo

    I have an organic gala every day at work.

    • Gabe Kapler

      Feel you, Mo.

  • @debra3369

    apple perfection comes in the form of an organic pink lady apple.

    • Gabe Kapler

      Right? Thanks, Debra. Much appreciated.

  • Wendi

    Nothing like a fall apple in New England. Whatever you do, get them at the orchard and not the market!!!

    • Gabe Kapler

      Love the idea of New England apple picking, Wendi.

  • West Seattle Marc

    1. Jazz 2. Pink Lady 3. Honeycrisp

    Absolutely, positively have to be Washington State apples.

    • Gabe Kapler

      Dig your list.

  • Colt

    I guess I’m the the only red delicious guy out there

    • Gabe Kapler

      Old school, Colt. All you.

    • Paul

      Growing up,my family always used Macintosh for pies. But today
      I prefer Red Delicious for snacking. But if they’re on sale, I’ll buy
      Fuji or Gala instead.

  • Susan Altman

    I love the Honeycrisp – Especially right after a meal.

    • Gabe Kapler


  • Smith Machine Guyer

    Red Delicious. It’s like the blue collar apple.

    • Gabe Kapler

      I would argue that the pippin is the working class apple.

  • John

    Fuji, Fuji, Fuji–go to weekend snack when we have extra teenagers over is sliced Fuji’s in a bowl of natural peanut butter

  • Jill D.

    Green apples for sure, my favorite is sliced with some natural almond butter.

  • Jeremy

    I’ve been a huge Pink Lady fan for several years now. I’ll eat any apple as long as it’s crisp though.

  • https://plus.google.com/+MaryReagan Mary Reagan

    What, no one else like McIntosh apples? Old school.